Wild Cards – George R. R. Martin's Series of Superheroes and Villians, Jokers and Aces

The True and Terrible Tale of American Hero

  by George R.R. Martin ((Beware Spoilers Below)) All true Wild Card fans, and regular readers of these blog posts, know the not-so-secret origin of the reality series American Hero. Carrie Vaughn started all the trouble, when you come right down to it.   It was along about 2006 (maybe late 2005), and we’d just signed a … Continue reading "The True and Terrible Tale of American Hero" Continue Reading

The Ones That Get Away : Alternate Histories of an Alternate Universe

by Ian Tregillis There are stories we never get to tell.  Every ace in the consortium has a couple, or a dozen, up their sleeve. Even the ones who are no longer with us.   Sometimes we don’t get to tell them because the time isn’t quite right, or because the right moment for the … Continue reading "The Ones That Get Away : Alternate Histories of an Alternate Universe" Continue Reading


by Stephen Leigh “Write what you know.”  That’s the advice that aspiring writers are often given in university creative writing courses.  And that’s fine if you’re writing mainstream fiction that’s set in the present time and in the same city you’re living in, and if the protagonist is essentially you, with the same background, characteristics, … Continue reading "WRITING WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW" Continue Reading