Wild Cards – George R. R. Martin's Series of Superheroes and Villians, Jokers and Aces

Rosa Loteria & her loteria cards revealed thus far…

By Kevin Andrew Murphy I’ve created a great number of characters for the Wild Cards series, but one of my favorites is Rosa Loteria who first appeared in Inside Straight.  My inspiration for Rosa started with a young woman I met years ago in San Diego, wearing a shirt printed with loteria cards, and many … Continue reading "Rosa Loteria & her loteria cards revealed thus far…" Continue Reading

Coming In October

This is going to be an epic year for all you Wild Cards fans out there. Let’s see. In June we have LOW CHICAGO, coming out from Tor in the US, and KNAVES OVER QUEENS, scheduled for release from Voyager in the UK. But that’s not the end of it. On October 23, look for … Continue reading "Coming In October" Continue Reading

Wild Cards, Water Lily, and Me

by Pat Cadigan All y’all probably know the origin story behind Wild Cards—the game the writers were playing together, and George RR Martin selling a shared-world series of novels based on it. I wasn’t there. In the mid-1980s, when I unwittingly became one of the original cyberpunk writers, I was busy with a new baby … Continue reading "Wild Cards, Water Lily, and Me" Continue Reading