Wild Cards – George R. R. Martin's Series of Superheroes and Villians, Jokers and Aces

The Terrible Five conquer the Bay Area

By Steve Perrin This is a spotty chronicle of how I and a select group of friends set out to become the fanzine masters of San Francisco Bay Area comics fandom. Our core group of myself, Paul Moslander, Johnny Chambers, Clint Bigglestone, and Steve Henderson, in our doomed hubris, created the inciting incident of the … Continue reading "The Terrible Five conquer the Bay Area" Continue Reading

Comic Books I’ve Known and Loved

By Walton Simons Although I haven’t done a survey of my fellow Wild Card authors, I’m guessing many have been (perhaps still are) comic book fans. Wild Cards was technically birthed from a game, but its origins clearly arise from the seemingly endless supply of four-color heroes and villains who’ve inhabited the pages of comic … Continue reading "Comic Books I’ve Known and Loved" Continue Reading

Disability Clichés in Wild Cards: An Introduction

by Mary Anne Mohanraj I’m honestly sort of surprised that there haven’t been entire academic books written about disability as it presents in the Wild Cards universe, since it’s pretty much baked into the very framework of Wild Cards.  The idea that the virus leaves so many people as physically affected (‘deformed’) jokers has given … Continue reading "Disability Clichés in Wild Cards: An Introduction" Continue Reading