Wild Cards Hollywood

by Kevin Andrew Murphy Most of the Wild Cards series takes place in New York, in Manhattan, in and about the environs of Jokertown, the former Bowery.  But the wild card virus touched more than just the city and in so doing changed the world and the world’s view of itself.   Especially through the eyes … Continue reading "Wild Cards Hollywood" Continue Reading

Submissions, Profiteroles, and Croyd

  by Sage Walker I was invited to lunch at El Nido in Santa Fe. Selling a few short stories had happened and I was sort of legit in the New Mexico science fiction community. A newbie, but I had offered our Albuquerque apartment to Ellen Datlow for an overnight stay on her way to … Continue reading "Submissions, Profiteroles, and Croyd" Continue Reading

Round Peg, Hexagonal Hole… No, Pentagonal. No, Heptagonal!

by David D. Levine I’ve often said that writing for Wild Cards is as close as I’m likely to get to working in television. As with a television series, in addition to your own creations you are working with characters and settings invented by other people, an existing backstory which is already out in the … Continue reading "Round Peg, Hexagonal Hole… No, Pentagonal. No, Heptagonal!" Continue Reading