Wild Cards – George R. R. Martin's Series of Superheroes and Villians, Jokers and Aces

Another Ace Falls

Our writing community here in New Mexico, and the world of SF and fantasy in general, took a blow yesterday afternoon when our friend Victor Milan died after two months of suffering and struggle in a series of Albuquerque hospitals. I first met Vic not long after I moved to Santa Fe in 1979. Outgoing, … Continue reading "Another Ace Falls" Continue Reading

The Supporting Cast

By David Anthony Durham I’ve written a couple of blog posts about the process of creating my main Wild Cards characters, Infamous Black Tongue (IBT) and Bacho (who will debut in the forthcoming Texas Hold ‘Em). For this post, I got to thinking about supporting characters. In any Wild Cards story, we writers inevitably pick … Continue reading "The Supporting Cast" Continue Reading

Wild Cards and Comics

by Bob Wayne My background is different from most of the Wild Cards contributors.  I’ve written some comics (including the Time Masters series with fellow Wild Cards writer Lewis Shiner), but most of my time has been spent on the business side.  I sold comics and books at conventions and at retail stores in the … Continue reading "Wild Cards and Comics" Continue Reading