Triple Dualities

by William F. Wu Wild Cards is special in many ways. Looking back, I find that even the choices I’ve made for protagonists are unique among my work. I’ve written stories about two and a half protagonists for Wild Cards, with the third protagonist separated by roughly a quarter century from the first. Half a … Continue reading "Triple Dualities" Continue Reading

Modular Man: Fresh Out of the Box

  by Walter Jon Williams Modular Man is probably the strongest character in the Wild Cards universe who isn’t actually a wild card.  He’s got superhuman reflexes, superhuman strength, superhuman perception.  He can fly.  He’s immune to mind control.  Depending on the situation, he can carry into battle a variety of powerful weapons.  When he … Continue reading "Modular Man: Fresh Out of the Box" Continue Reading

Sewer Jack and Bagabond: Collaborating with Edward Bryant  

By Leanne C. Harper It seemed like such a reasonable idea at the time.  George R. R. Martin had gotten in touch with Edward Bryant, Nebula Award-winning Denver author, about Wild Cards, his new shared world anthology.  Wild Cards was to be a comics- and gaming-inspired book.  Ed wasn’t a gamer, nor was he particularly … Continue reading "Sewer Jack and Bagabond: Collaborating with Edward Bryant  " Continue Reading