Wild Cards: the Austin Connection

by Walton (Bud) Simons New Mexico — Albuquerque and Santa Fe in particular — is the center of the Wild Cards universe. The series grew from a group of New Mexico writers who invested an inordinate amount of time and creative energy in the SuperWorld role-playing game, eventually deciding that the imaginative work they were … Continue reading "Wild Cards: the Austin Connection" Continue Reading

High Stakes NOW available in Paper Back!

Thats right kids if you were waiting to read the latest installment in the Wild Cards series till it hit the shelves in a more affordable format, now is your chance.  Click on the book cover to take you to a more detailed description of HIGH STAKES as well as links to purchase your copy. Continue Reading

Worlds of Wild Cards

by Gregory Noveck I’ve always wanted superheroes to be real. Sometimes, in a more pragmatic frame of mind, I specifically wish super powers were real, the heroing bit not so much. My 70s and 80s childhood was replete with comic books, Christopher Reeve and Adam West, and yet my reality was stubbornly mundane. While I … Continue reading "Worlds of Wild Cards" Continue Reading