One of Our Aces Has Fallen.

Very sad news out of Denver for all readers of science fiction and fantasy, and for Wild Cards fans in particular. We’ve just received word that Ed Bryant has died. Ed did reviews for LOCUS for years, and they’ve posted an excellent obituary for him… more complete than what I could have cobbled together. Find … Continue reading "One of Our Aces Has Fallen." Continue Reading

Good Thing I Had Kids

On Creating My First Wild Cards Character   By David Anthony Durham   In March of 2009 I got an email. The subject line was “Faster Than a Speeding Bullet?” It was from someone with an email that looked suspiciously like one of the most popular writers in the world. The email asked me if … Continue reading "Good Thing I Had Kids" Continue Reading

Wild Cards Take Texas

We’re calling the latest Wild Cards volumes the America Triad. First one up was MISSISSIPPI ROLL, which we completed and turned in back in October. Then came LOW CHICAGO, which was delivered in December. And now comes the third and final book in our cross country Wild Cards  tour: TEXAS HOLD ‘EM. Another one done. … Continue reading "Wild Cards Take Texas" Continue Reading