Wild Cards – George R. R. Martin's Series of Superheroes and Villians, Jokers and Aces

Disability Clichés in Wild Cards: An Introduction

by Mary Anne Mohanraj I’m honestly sort of surprised that there haven’t been entire academic books written about disability as it presents in the Wild Cards universe, since it’s pretty much baked into the very framework of Wild Cards.  The idea that the virus leaves so many people as physically affected (‘deformed’) jokers has given … Continue reading "Disability Clichés in Wild Cards: An Introduction" Continue Reading

The Howler

This is the Howler, one of the aces from the early books. He was described as having am immense neck, a massive chest and wore a yellow suit with a flak jacket. He also had brown hair which was graying at the temples. It was fun to illustrate a classic Wild Cards character as I … Continue reading "The Howler" Continue Reading

 For Superheroes in Prose

by Carrie Vaughn Because I write about superheroes, both for Wild Cards and in my own Golden Age novels, I get asked a lot:  Have you always been into comic books? And the answer is no, I have not always been into comic books. And the one comic book I was most into as a … Continue reading " For Superheroes in Prose" Continue Reading