The Origins of Natya

by Mary Anne Mohanraj This isn’t going to be a normal superhero origin story.  It’s Wild Cards, so you already know how Natya got her powers – she was first Kavita Kandiah, a dancer who contracted the virus, and came out the other side with ace powers, the ability to channel the energy of her … Continue reading "The Origins of Natya" Continue Reading


Every April first, someone plunks my magic twanger and I can’t help myself. So, sadly, I must confess that Wild Cards is NOT coming to Broadway. (But wouldn’t it be swell if it did? After I finished writing that blog post, I was eager to see that show myself. And Kevin went ahead and wrote all the … Continue reading "APRIL FOOLS!" Continue Reading

WILD CARDS Comes to Broadway!

It was 1987 when Bantam Books released Wild Cards, the first volume of what would turn out to be the longest-running and best-selling shared world anthology of all time (though no one ever dreamed of that back then).   The very first story in that very first volume, the one that kicked off all that was … Continue reading "WILD CARDS Comes to Broadway!" Continue Reading