January 14, 2017

BIG ebook deal from TOR

Haven’t tried Wild Cards yet? Here’s your chance. Tor is now offering an ebook bundle special on first five volumes of Wild Cards Available for only $39.99! Here’s your chance to find out who Gregg Hartmann is, meet Dr. Tachyon and the Four Aces, ride with Jetboy on his last flight, go into action with … Continue reading "BIG ebook deal from TOR" Continue Reading

Pulling Strings: The Saga of Gregg Hartmann, aka “Puppetman”

by Stephen Leigh Ultimately, it’s all George’s fault, so blame him.  I remember getting a phone call from George one evening in early 1986 (I think…), which went something like this:  “Hey, Steve, you like role-playing games, right?”  I told him I did, as I’d been running a fantasy-based RPG locally for years. “And you like … Continue reading "Pulling Strings: The Saga of Gregg Hartmann, aka “Puppetman”" Continue Reading

Wild Cards Take Chicago!

New York City has been the center of the Wild Cards universe since 1946, when Dr. Tod met Jetboy in the skies over Broadway, and the Takisian xerovirus was unleashed upon the world. It’s past time the Second City got its due. So I am thrilled to report that I’ve just turned in the latest … Continue reading "Wild Cards Take Chicago!" Continue Reading

A Wild Cards Fangirl Writes for Wildcards

This is a cartoon Carrie Vaughn drew after writing her first story for the Wild Cards universe. Continue Reading

Shuffling the Deck or, Book Four and the World Tour

{HERE THERE BE SPOILERS! You do not want to read what follows until after you’ve finished Aces Abroad and the three books before it} Wild Cards began with a three-book contract, but the series was always intended to be open-ended. So when the first three volumes were published to excellent reviews and very strong sales … Continue reading "Shuffling the Deck or, Book Four and the World Tour" Continue Reading

So We Have This Plot Hiccup, And This Deadline…

(Or, “How Fast Can You Write, Kid?”) In my previous post as a guest blogger here at, I touched on some of the brainstorming and planning that goes on behind the scenes when writing Wild Cards novels. I’ve written for three Wild Cards novels, and each  has been a unique experience. (“Unique” means many … Continue reading "So We Have This Plot Hiccup, And This Deadline…" Continue Reading

The First Wild Cards Day or, the Game That Ate My Life

In the books, Wild Cards Day is celebrated every September 15, in memory of September 15, 1946, the day that Jetboy spoke his immortal last words while Dr. Tod loosed an alien virus over Manhattan. In real life, September 15, 1946 happens to be the day that Howard Waldrop was born…and Howard, coincidentally, wrote “Thirty … Continue reading "The First Wild Cards Day or, the Game That Ate My Life" Continue Reading

Neither Fish Nor Fowl, or, How Down Got Dirty

WARNING: excessive editorial honesty ahead. Proceed at your own risk. Editing Down & Dirty almost drove me mad. You’ve read the book by now (if not, shame on you for reading this part first—there’s a reason we call them Afterwords, you know). I hope that you enjoyed it. Many of the stories are first rate, … Continue reading "Neither Fish Nor Fowl, or, How Down Got Dirty" Continue Reading

Making a Mosaic, or, Third Time’s the Charm

The great boom in shared world anthologies began in 1979, when Ace Books published Robert Asprin’s Thieves World, the first volume in a long-running fantasy series about the imaginary city of Sanctuary and the motley cast of swordsmen, sorcerers, princes, rogues, and thieves who roamed its streets, with occasional guest appearances by an equally motley … Continue reading "Making a Mosaic, or, Third Time’s the Charm" Continue Reading

From Game to Book or, the Birth of a Shared World

Once upon a time…— it was September 20, 1983, if you insist on being picky — Vic Milan gave me a role-playing game called SuperWorld for my birthday. A fateful gift indeed. It triggered a two-year-long role playing orgy that engulfed not only me, but the rest of my Albuquerque gaming circle as well. We … Continue reading "From Game to Book or, the Birth of a Shared World" Continue Reading