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  by Walter Jon Williams Wild Cards is set in an alternative history, which means— pretty much by definition— that it exists as a kind of distorted reflection of our history.  So in Wild Cards we see episodes out of our own history, but with an added Wild Cards twist: the Vietnam War (with General Zappa … Continue reading "THE SCARE" Continue Reading

Two TV Series Based On George R.R. Martin’s Books In Works At Hulu

George R.R. Martin’s popular Wild Cards book series is getting closer to the small screen. Continue Reading

Leveling Up and Powering Through

  by Cherie Priest The other day, I was asked how working with the Wild Cards team has affected the way I write my other books and stories. You see, I’m not generally known to be a “collaborating” sort of author; with the exception of my work in Wild Cards and a stint at EA … Continue reading "Leveling Up and Powering Through" Continue Reading