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DEALER'S CHOICE was the eleventh volume in the original run of Wild Cards from Bantam Books, and the third and concluding volume in the Rox Triad. This one is a fully interwoven mosaic novel, and out of print for more than twenty-five years, it returns today in a new trade paperback edition from our friends at Tor, with spectacular new cover art from Michael Komarck

Character perspective


Bud Simons does an amazing interview with his character Charles Dutton. The wild card disfigured Charles, pulling his skin taught over the skull and turning it a pale shade of yellow.

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Remaking the Past: Research for Writing Alternate History

by Carrie Vaughn

by Carrie Vaughn Wild Cards is about superpowers.  But it’s also about history.  The very first book is rooted in history, and a branching timeline where history went…differently. Since then, the writers have dipped back into that history over and over, … Continue reading "Remaking the Past: Research for Writing Alternate History"

Remaking the Past:  Research for Writing Alternate History
Short Stories

Wild Cards Short Fiction

By Marko Kloos

“Berlin is Never Berlin” by Marko Kloos draws upon the seedier side of the city, beyond the dance club lights and all-night parties, as one bodyguard with a certain feline distinction goes on the prowl….

Wild Cards Short Fiction
Talking with Ti

Max Gladstone

TI: Hello, Max! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions today. I suppose I should admit to everyone that I was certain we had met at an Irish Worldcon last year. But you weren’t at an Irish … Continue reading "Max Gladstone"

Max Gladstone

The Fallacy of the Ninety Percent (Further Thoughts on the Statistics of Takis-A Expression)

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The Rise and Fall of the Perrin Comic Co.

By Steve Perrin Getting Started At one point in my early active fan days, the 1960s, before internet and cellphones and the like, I was living in the Santa Barbara, California, hills. I was being totally amazed at the concept … Continue reading "The Rise and Fall of the Perrin Comic Co." Continue Reading

Wild Cards in Guatemala

by Leanne C. Harper New York to Guatemala, rather a long, strange trip, even in the Wild Cards universe. When we started talking about taking Wild Cards global, intertwining the ancient and new intrigued me. I wanted to go somewhere … Continue reading "Wild Cards in Guatemala" Continue Reading