Your Official Guide to Wild Cards World - Wild Cards

Killing (Spoiler)

by David Anthony Durham One of the many challenges about writing for Wild Cards is that you’re not only required to create and write about your own original characters, you’ve got to include other people’s characters in your stories as well. Much of the energy of the series comes from the crossing of story lines, … Continue reading "Killing (Spoiler)" Continue Reading

Why Yeoman?

By John Jos. Miller Long-time readers of Wild Cards probably already know that Daniel Brennan (Yeoman) was my first point-of-view character in the series, and is also one of the few characters from the original role-playing game to make it into the books.  This post will delve into his own “secret origin,” or as much … Continue reading "Why Yeoman?" Continue Reading

The World Outside Your Window

By Max Gladstone Superpowered universes rarely have much history. They have continuity, sure, tons of the stuff, but you can have an awful lot of continuity without adding up to history. And that, to my mind, is where the world of Wild Cards stands out. D.C. Comics characters are beyond history for the most part, … Continue reading "The World Outside Your Window" Continue Reading