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The World Outside Your Window

By Max Gladstone Superpowered universes rarely have much history. They have continuity, sure, tons of the stuff, but you can have an awful lot of continuity without adding up to history. And that, to my mind, is where the world of Wild Cards stands out. D.C. Comics characters are beyond history for the most part, … Continue reading "The World Outside Your Window" Continue Reading


By Laura J. Mixon Greetings, fellow Wildcardians! Last fall I appeared on these pages to dish on my own origin story as a Wild Cards writer. My post was about two stories I wrote for the Card Sharks trilogy, and the two characters I created for them: one a joker and the other a nat. … Continue reading "Fireworks" Continue Reading


  by Walter Jon Williams Wild Cards is set in an alternative history, which means— pretty much by definition— that it exists as a kind of distorted reflection of our history.  So in Wild Cards we see episodes out of our own history, but with an added Wild Cards twist: the Vietnam War (with General Zappa … Continue reading "THE SCARE" Continue Reading