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Talking with Ti

John Jos. Miller

TI: Hello John! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk. I like to start with everyone’s WILD CARDS beginnings, and for you it all began when you chose to attend the University of New Mexico over the University … Continue reading "John Jos. Miller"

John Jos. Miller
Short Stories

Wild Cards Short Fiction

By Sage Walker and Carrie Vaughan

The Wild Cards universe has been thrilling readers for over 25 years, but the books don't tell the whole story. Explore these original stories to learn more about your favorite characters.

Wild Cards Short Fiction
Out Now in Paperback!

Low Chicago

Wild Cards XXV

In Low Chicago, a gang of criminals scattered throughout the past threaten the stability of the world in George R. R. Martin's latest Wild Cards adventure. The stakes were already high enough at Giovanni Galante’s poker table that night in Chicago. Poker. Dealer’s choice. Seven players. A million-dollar cash buy-in.

Low Chicago
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Wild Cards: The Soundtrack

by Carrie Vaughn

by Carrie Vaughn Really, I shouldn’t be the one writing about music in the Wild Cards universe. The consortium features a number of actual, performing musicians – Stephen Leigh on guitar, Caroline Spector on bass. I took piano lessons for … Continue reading "Wild Cards: The Soundtrack"

Wild Cards: The Soundtrack

The First Time I Stopped Reading Comic Books

by Daniel Abraham             This would have been in the late 1980s.  I was just finishing high school and starting up as a freshman  in college. I was still living at my parents’ house, but I had my own car and my own door … Continue reading "The First Time I Stopped Reading Comic Books" Continue Reading

When Characters Take The Wheel

by Marko Kloos I don’t usually dispense advice about writing. That’s because I know that every writer’s process is different, and I have barely figured out what works for me. That said, the subject will come up on occasion on Twitter … Continue reading "When Characters Take The Wheel" Continue Reading

Confessions of a Lazy Writer

by Walton (Bud) Simons      I didn’t have a passion to write as a child or young adult. I loved reading books. Other than maybe listening to music, reading was what I enjoyed most. Fiction, non-fiction, encyclopedias, comic books, you name … Continue reading "Confessions of a Lazy Writer" Continue Reading