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US Release


Adapted by the talented Paul Cornell

On JUNE 15th the first edition of Marvels Wild Cards monthly comic officially hits the stands. From the beginning to the end in stunning detail this comic book universe finally gets a real comic!

Short Stories

Wild Cards Short Fiction

By Emma Watson

Kerry —a.k.a Stonemaiden— is a monster. Or at least… she thinks she is. Ever since she turned her parents into granite statues, she lives in constant fear of hurting other people.

Wild Cards Short Fiction
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Your Experiences Are Your Characters’ Experiences, Too

by Stephen Leigh I’ve already written in these posts for Wild Cards about how I consider “Write what you know” to be equally good advice and yet horribly, terribly wrong. But let me expand on that concept one more time, … Continue reading "Your Experiences Are Your Characters’ Experiences, Too"

Your Experiences Are Your Characters’ Experiences, Too
Talking with Ti

Mary Anne Mohanraj

TI:  Hello Mary Anne! Thanks for taking the time to talk today. I want to jump right into WILD CARDS—specifically threesomes. *clutches pearls* You’ve said before that you knew immediately that your first story would center on the aforementioned. There … Continue reading "Mary Anne Mohanraj"

Mary Anne Mohanraj

John Jos. Miller (1954-2022)

One of the original WildCards he will be missed.

Adventures in Words and Images

by Melinda M. Snodgrass So, I wrote a funny book… scratch that. A comic book. Nope, I wrote a graphic novel. Sounds so much more impressive. Bantam, our new publisher for Wild Cards, commissioned three graphic novels and I was honored … Continue reading "Adventures in Words and Images" Continue Reading

Dr. Physics And the Aces

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The Gashleycrumb Wild Cards

by Kevin Andrew Murphy A’s for Astronomer who summoned the Swarm B is for Bagabond whose beasts keep her warm C is for Cameo who could channel the dead D’s for Demise, deadly eyes in his head E’s for The … Continue reading "The Gashleycrumb Wild Cards" Continue Reading