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Building a Joker Moon

by David D. Levine This doesn’t come up often, but my college degree is in architecture. I’ve never used it professionally (I graduated in the middle of a recession, couldn’t find work as an architect, and stumbled into high tech, where the money was so good I never looked back) but architecture remains a life-long … Continue reading "Building a Joker Moon" Continue Reading

How My Characters are Born

(Or How I Learned to Embrace the Dark Side) by Melinda M. Snodgrass Confession time — I play games.  In particular role playing games —  and now that my RPG days seem to be sadly behind me (sniff) I have segued into playing video games.  I love to play video games.  For those of you who … Continue reading "How My Characters are Born" Continue Reading

Killing (Spoiler)

by David Anthony Durham One of the many challenges about writing for Wild Cards is that you’re not only required to create and write about your own original characters, you’ve got to include other people’s characters in your stories as well. Much of the energy of the series comes from the crossing of story lines, … Continue reading "Killing (Spoiler)" Continue Reading