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Talking with Ti

William F. Wu

TI: Hello Bill! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk today. I like to start with everyone’s WILD CARDS beginnings. How were you introduced to George and Melinda?   BILL: I met George in the seventies, I think … Continue reading "William F. Wu"

William F. Wu
Short Stories

Wild Cards Short Fiction

By Bradley Denton

The Wild Cards universe has been thrilling readers for over 25 years. “Naked, Stones and Stabbed” is an fantastic new tale from acclaimed sci-fi writer Bradley Denton, about the hidden truths revealed when a Who concert goes haywire.

Wild Cards Short Fiction
Available for pre-order in Paperback!

Double Solitaire Wild Cards X

By Melinda Snodgrass

Aboard his grandfather's spaceship and fleeing the violent turmoil between jokers, aces, and nats that his vicious ambition spawned, Blaise is headed for a new conquest: the planet Takis. Dr. Tachyon is left behind...

Double Solitaire Wild Cards X
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Inside the Writers Room

by Michael Cassutt We are living in an era sometimes called “Peak TV,” though when FX chair John Landgraf coined the phrase in 2015, he was pondering a universe of close to 400 scripted programs, most of them drama, being … Continue reading "Inside the Writers Room"

Inside the  Writers Room

Homage to Death Draws Five/The Death of Captain Marvel

Based on the cover of Marvel Graphic Novel #1 The Death of Captain Marvel from 1982 by Jim Starlin. Hand drawn by eye with a pencil in a drawing pad. Continue Reading

EC and Me

by Bob Wayne I’ve told my comics and sf anecdotes over the years to my friends at convention panels and meals. George suggested that the Wild Cards readership may also want to see a few of them. So let’s start … Continue reading "EC and Me" Continue Reading

A Secret Chord

by Cherie Priest At almost any given author Q&A, somebody will raise a hand to ask if I work in the silence of a hermetically sealed office, or if I have a preferred Spotify channel to manage my tunes. The … Continue reading "A Secret Chord" Continue Reading