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A Memoir by Peregrine This book is dedicated to the men in my life Josh McCoy, my beloved husband And John Fortune, my amazing son Most of you know me.  I am pretty famous.  I have had a TV show, my own production company, my own lines of clothing and make-up, and lots more.  And … Continue reading "Excerpts from I WASN’T BORN WITH WINGS" Continue Reading

Ask Miss Wild Cards

Dear Miss Wild Cards,   I’ve noticed lately that Mick Jagger’s muzzle is getting awfully grey when he’s in lycanthrope form.  Do you suppose the Stones might be looking for a younger singer sometime in the near future?  I can howl at the Moon, baby, all night long.   Asking for a friend, B.B. Wolfe … Continue reading "Ask Miss Wild Cards" Continue Reading


by Michael Cassutt It’s said that you can find anything in the world somewhere on Ventura Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley, from vintage autos to clothing of every period – Elizabethan England, anyone? – from several movie studios to a staggering variety of joker bars. But rockets and spaceships? Knock on the green door … Continue reading "STOLEN SPACE" Continue Reading