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Get to know the authors who have shaped the Wild Cards World. Check out these interviews with Wild Cards authors, by experts Ti Mikkel and Ty Frank. Ti and Ty get deep into the origin stories, characters, and unique experiences that go into contributing to the Wild Cards World. Read on for eye-opening new insights into the series, from the minds that built it.

Who are Ti and Ty? Ti Mikkel is a highly sought-after creative force across multiple realms of the entertainment industry. An exclusive writer’s assistant to George R.R. Martin, she works on a variety of projects with an emphasis on Martin’s award-winning epic fantasy series A Song of Fire and Ice and Wild Cards. She divides her time between Santa Fe and Los Angeles.

Along with Daniel Abraham, Ty Franck writes the series The Expanse under the pen name James S. A. Corey. The Expanse is made up of eight novels and six shorter works and was adapted into a series that ran from 2015 to 2018 on Syfy. A fourth season is in the works by Amazon Prime Video.

Talking with Ti

Mary Anne Mohanraj

Emma Newman

Max Gladstone

Gail Gerstner Miller

Daniel Abraham

Ian Tregillis

William F. Wu

David Anthony Durham

John Jos. Miller

Cherie Priest

Walter Jon Willams

Carrie Vaughn

Kevin Andrew Murphy

Lewis Shiner

Bud Simons

Laura J. Mixon

Marko Kloos

Caroline Spector

Stephen Leigh

David D. Levine

Paul Cornell

Talking with Ty

Carrie Vaughn

John Jos. Miller

Caroline L. Spector

Stephen Leigh

Michael Cassutt

Daniel Abraham

Ian Tregillis