Character Interviews

An Interview between Drummer Boy and his creator

by Stephen Leigh SL:  Hi, I’m Stephen Leigh, sitting down today with Michael Vogali, aka DB or Drummer Boy. Actually, we’re conducting this interview via Skype, since DB’s in Chicago and I’m in Cincinnati. So, with that: DB, I want … Continue reading “An Interview between Drummer Boy and his creator”

An Interview with Jade Blossom

      Author William F. Wu steps into his character Jade Blossom for this fun interview.     Bill: Our guest today is fashion model, actor, and ace Jade Blossom. Welcome. Jade Blossom: Yeah, whatever. Bill: I’m sure we’re … Continue reading “An Interview with Jade Blossom”

Earth Witch and Curveball Interview

Author Carrie Vaughan steps into character as Earth Witch and Curveball for this cool interview at Cat and Muse.