“People killing other people. Good. The fewer of them, the better I'll like it.”
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Bagabond (Suzanne Melotti)

Created by: Leanne C. Harper

Petite bag-lady Ace who, due to her attire and posture, generally looks twenty years older and a helluva lot rougher than she actually is. Thanks to her friend Rosemary, has gradually cleaned herself up a bit (in more ways than one) and rejoined the world to a certain extent. Basically a female Dr Doolittle who can not only telepathically communicate with all animals, but is able to control vast amounts of them at the same time.

Positive qualities – Refuses to answer to anyone, loyal to her friends.
Negative character traits – Lacks empathy with the human race, poor hygiene, taste in clothes worse than Dr Tachyon’s and Mark Meadows’, willing to sacrifice animals under her control if it suits her purposes.
In a nutshell – Catty.

Bagabond appeared in: