Black Eagle
“Let them say what they will. I can still fly.”
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Black Eagle (Earl Sanderson Jr.)

Created by: Walter Jon Williams

Brilliant athlete and student in college, heroic pilot in WW2, this guy had it all even before the Wild Card struck in 1946. Charismatic, handsome, black Ace and member of the legendary Four Aces, (see also Golden Boy, The Envoy, Brain Trust) with the ability to fly at speeds of up to 500 mph, a body tough enough to withstand bullets, and a forcefield that could be projected at will.

Used his fame and powers to in an effort to further the cause of civil rights, and gradually molded himself into an icon of black aspiration, while at the same time kicked some serious butt on the international stage with his compadre, Golden Boy. However, pride comes before a fall, and he fared less well in the fifties due to communist connections from his college days.

Positive attributes: Strong sense of duty, civil rights pioneer, genuinely heroic.
Negative character traits: Politically naive.

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