Black Shadow
“This is going to be unnecessarily brutal.”
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Black Shadow (Neil Langford)

Created by: Walter Jon Williams

Originally a government sponsored Ace working under Gregg Hartmann, Black Shadow is now a hard-boiled, freelance vigilante who enjoys wiping the scum off the streets in true ‘Taxi Driver’ fashion, and often leaves them swinging from lampposts to belabour the point. A multi-powered Ace with a severe identity crisis (and at least four other street personas which we won’t ruin by mentioning), Shad is usually seen – or not – in a dark blue uniform with black cape and domino mask whenever he adopts his Black Shadow identity.

His main talent is the ability to absorb all forms of energy. He can either freeze a person to crystal form (this usually results in death), or induce hypothermia in seconds by draining heat photons from the body in question. He can also turn invisible in the right circumstances (ie. nighttime) by absorbing light from an area and shrouding himself in darkness. On top of that, he can walk on ceilings or walls whenever the need arises. Maybe he can absorb gravity.

Positive attributes – Anti-establishment, self-reliant, well-organised, hates Jumpers, strong-willed, makes Batman look like a hoser.
Negative character traits – Ruthless (this can also be a positive), almost schizophrenic, not above using torture on those crims he really dislikes.
In a nutshell – Dark Knight.

Black Shadow appeared in: