Blaise Andrieux
“You're going to wish I had only killed you.”
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Blaise Andrieux

Created by: Melinda Snodgrass

The definitive enfant terrible, this grandchild of Dr Tachyon’s started out as an insufferable teenage brat and hasn’t improved with age. Blame it on his one-quarter Takisian heritage. Blame it on having terrorists for parents. Hell, just blame it on his red hair.

Although not an Ace, his Takisian genes have gifted him with considerable mental powers. He’s a telepath with awesome mental shields, able to mind-control anyone he wishes. And now he can control more than one subject at a time thanks to his grandfather’s tutelage – another reason for Tachyon to feel guilty. This is a bad boy who just loves to be bad.

Positive attributes: None.
Negative character traits: Bully, sociopath, sadist, megolamaniac, vindictive, no sense of humour, hates everything.

Blaise Andrieux appeared in: