“Nothing i do is ever good enough.”
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Created by: Stephen Leigh

Self-styled governor of Liberty Island, Bloat is a teenage Joker who’s cursed with a body that expands day-by-day to the point where only an enormous antechamber on the island is able to hold him in. A team of underlings are on permanent cleaning duties to clear away the vast amounts of waste, or ‘bloatback’, his body excretes 24 hours a day.

As if to compensate, he’s also one of the most powerful mentats on Earth, with the ability to read any mind on the island, project himself astrally, and bring into being any animal, vegetable or mineral he cares to imagine merely by thinking it. Add to this a callow personality with a Dungeons & Dragons fixation, and all of a sudden you’re in a world of trouble.

Positive attributes: Wants to be good, cares for all Jokers, impervious to insults.
Negative character traits: Immature, unwilling to take responsibility for his actions, inability to face reality, annoying high-pitched giggle, thinks everything is a game, constantly bellyaches.

Bloat appeared in: