Brain Trust
“I'm preserving priceless knowledge.”
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Brain Trust (Blythe Van Rensaeller)

Created by: Melinda Snodgrass

Wife of Congressman, Henry van Rensaeller, and member of the legendary Four Aces, Blythe was active for several years in the forties as an Ace with strong telepathic powers and the ability to absorb other people’s minds and memories without causing any harm to the subjects.

After being thrown out by her paranoid husband, shacked up with Dr Tachyon who helped her to develop her abilities to the point where she could control up to eight personalities at a time. Dropped off the radar in the late forties along with her teammates, thanks to the unlawful House Committee on Un-American Activities hearings.

Positive attributes: Gentle nature.
Negative character traits: Highly strung.

Brain Trust appeared in: