“I don't trust anybody, either. Except the dead.”
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Cameo (Ellen Allworth)

Created by: Kevin Andrew Murphy

Young, attractive blond with finely sculpted features, usually garbed in Garbo-esque suits or vintage dresses from the ‘twenties and sporting an antique cameo around her neck. In her own words, ‘a psychometric trance channeler’, little is known of her background other than that she’s an Ace able to channel the psyche of the dead from their material possessions. Even better, if the object in question belonged to an Ace she can channel the powers too. And while she may seem a tad remote, to paraphrase her idol, she just vants to be alone.

Positive attributes – Independent, honest.
Negative character traits – Aloof, not completely trustworthy.
In a nutshell – Dead or alive.

Cameo appeared in: