Captain Flint
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Captain Flint

Created by: Kevin Andrew Murphy

Captain Flint became a stone giant of a man after the wild card virus transformed him into a joker-ace. His grey flint-like flesh grants him incredible strength and resistance to harm, including invulnerability to the effects of heat and fire. He can withstand crushing pressure and can also survive in very low pressure environments. His fingers are sharp and able to function as claws, and he can shoot hot sparks when he snaps them, or claps his hands.

Time has a tenuous grip on Captain Flint. His transformation rendered him immortal, yet he has also been slowed to half the speed of other people.

Captain Flint is a 7’6″ stone giant with the appearance of hard flint. His eyes are a pair of smoldering embers and he speaks in a whispering voice like a crackling fire.