Captain Trips
“Being an ace is turning out to be a pretty heavy trip.”
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Captain Trips (Mark Meadows)

Created by: Victor Milán

Despite being one of the world’s foremost biochemists and an acknowledged authority on the Wild Card virus, Mark is a gawky, clumsy, hippie burnout with an appalling dress sense matched only by Dr Tachyon’s. He’s also an Ace who’s able to call forth at least five politically correct metapowered personas from his psyche for an hour at a time whenever he ingests drugs specially concocted for the purpose. Has a daughter, Sprout, who’s mental age will always be that of a four year old.

Positive attributes – Always gives the benefit of the doubt, generous to a fault, selfless, gentle nature, trustworthy, great father, distrust of authority and the establishment.
Negative character traits – Extreme naivete, clumsiness, lacks common sense, too trusting, politically correct, lacks self-confidence, stuck in the 60s, says ‘like’ and ‘man’ a lot (usually in the same sentence).
In a nutshell – Groovy, man.

Captain Trips appeared in: