“I'll chimney up your throat, punch through the roof of your mouth, and eat your fucking brain!”
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Carnifex (William Ray)

Created by: John Jos. Miller

Government employed Ace and professional ass-kicker with enhanced strength, fast reflexes, a rapid healing factor that can regenerate most damage and a sharp mind. Usually seen sporting an all-white fighting suit, Billy is quite presentable when he can be bothered to get cosmetic surgery done between fights. More often than not though, his face looks mismatched with features that are off-kilter and unsymmetrical.

Possessing a naturally aggressive attitude and an instinctive genius for unarmed combat, he thrives on adrenalin and reacts poorly when he has nothing to do. Just don’t, repeat, DO NOT spill blood on his costume. Billy holds grudges like you wouldn’t believe, and he will make you pay.

Positive attributes – Fearless, well-read, hates bullies, prefers opponents bigger than himself.
Negative character traits – Obsessive about cleanliness, works for The Man, braggart, coarse, no diplomacy skills, craves approval from his superiors.
In a nutshell – Badass.

Carnifex appeared in: