“I doubt that you'd have the skill to transport me to the dreariest shithole in the poorest part of Jokertown, dear boy, let alone paradise.”
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Chrysalis (Debra Jo Rory)

Created by: John Jos. Miller

Majority owner of the Crystal Palace, big-time Anglophile, and Jokertown’s number one information broker, Chrysalis is a beautiful female Joker with see-through skin making her organs and muscles visible to all. And we do mean all – she revels in the shock value of her appearance and wears as little as possible to enhance it. A transparent trader of secrets. Now that’s irony.
A respected and powerful force throughout Jokertown, she has her pick of men despite her jokerhood, although she refuses to allow anyone to get too close. Also, her mercenary attitude towards life means she’s generally unwilling to get involved in any cause unless there’s profit in it.

Positive attributes – Trustworthy, discreet, honest, unashamed of her abnormality.
Negative character traits – Believes everything has a price, promiscuous, proud, affects British accent, highly secretive.

In a nutshell – Visible Girl.

Chrysalis appeared in: