Crypt Kicker
“Heathens. Idolaters. The Bible says you have to die.”
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Crypt Kicker (Bobby Joe Puckett)

Created by: Royce (Chip) Wideman

Large, redneck Ace/Joker whose main distinction is that he’s a walking corpse. Previously a petty criminal who went postal one day, picked off a number of civilians with a sniper rifle and then took his own life by blowing half his face off. The Wild Card kicked in at some point and he’s still walking around somehow.

Subsequently employed by the Government who know a good thing when they see it, and occasionally partnered with Billy Ray (much to Billy’s dismay), not only does he possess enhanced strength, he’s practically ‘unkillable’. And if the noxious stench doesn’t finish you off, he’s also able to excrete chemicals and acids from his palms toxic enough to put a herd of elephants down.

Positive attributes – ‘Never say die’ attitude, fearless.
Negative character traits – Dead, smells like it, religious lunatic, lacks co-ordination, highly suggestible, dumber than pigshit, obeys all authority figures.
In a nutshell – Die hard.

Crypt Kicker appeared in: