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Demise (James Spector)

Created by: Walton (Bud) Simons

Tall, lean and seedy-looking with stringy brown hair and raggedy mustache, Spector hardly projects the image of the ice-cool assassin that Hollywood’s instilled into the minds of the public, but that’s exactly what he is. Previously a failed accountant from New Jersey who contracted the virus one day and died on route to the hospital, Spector was subsequently resurrected by Dr Tachyon using a new experimental process he’d developed, and spent the next 6 months in an intensive care unit screaming in mental torment, only gradually regaining his sanity thanks to a strict regimen of therapy and strong drugs.

Tachyon soon wished he hadn’t bothered, though. Spector has gone on to become New York City’s most dangerous killer-for-hire – an Ace with the ability to kill at a glance. Once he locks eyes with a person, he can project the memory of his own painful death and force the victim to experience it himself, thus killing him instantly. As if that isn’t bad enough, he’s now practically unkillable himself, with rapid regenerative powers that can heal any bodily damage, including lost limbs. Since going over to the other side, Spector’s pretty much lost any joie de vivre he may have once had and both hates and fears Tachyon for bringing him back to the world of the living. But then, he was an accountant – how happy could he have been before?

Positive attributes – Black sense of humour, keeps his word.
Negative character traits – Psychopath, sociopath, sadist, kills over trivial matters, impulsive.
In a nutshell – The eyes have it.

Demise appeared in: