Digger Downs
“Aces, jokers, latents, it don't matter, they all smell the same.”
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Digger Downs (Thomas Downs)

Created by: Steve Perrin

You’re not going to find many people who like this guy, but that’s okay – he doesn’t much like anyone else, either. Aces! magazine’s ace reporter is a seedy-looking fellow with pale skin, brown hair, brown eyes and a rumpled suit, and looks pretty much how you’d expect a tabloid journalist to look. Like most hacks, there’s nothing he won’t do to get his story and he’s made quite a few enemies thanks to his total disregard for other people’s feelings.

What gives Downs the edge over his competitors, though, is his secret Ace/Deuce ability to literally sniff out anyone infected by the virus, due to a sweet odour they give off that only he can smell. A beneficial side effect is that he also gets an indication of that person’s emotional state and, as a result, can usually tell whether they’re telling the truth or not. Like he cares – if it sounds good, it gets printed.

Positive attributes – None.
Negative character traits – Unscrupulous, obnoxious, seedy, self-centred, sanctimonious, untrustworthy.
In a nutshell – Aces Low.

Digger Downs appeared in: