Dr. Cody Havero
“Go to Washington and get that grant. Mama needs a new laser surgery center.”
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Dr. Cody Havero (Cody Havero)

Created by: Chris Claremont

After serving in Vietnam and making a name for herself as the only female combat medic in US Army history – at the same time gaining a rep amongst Jokers as the doctor to go to if you were bleeding – Major Havero’s now a senior physician at the Blythe Van Rensaeller Clinic who feels the war didn’t adequately prepare her for Jokertown.

A tall, tanned, attractive ‘nat’ and single parent, with scars and an eye patch as evidence that her life hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses up til now, Cody also possesses reflexes and instincts so sharp that people aren’t entirely sure that she’s not an Ace, as she’s got a ‘lucky’ talent for emerging intact from situations that would kill most normal people. She ought to spend a weekend in Vegas.

Positive attributes – Excellent doctor, empathy towards Jokers, strong-willed, pragmatic.
Negative character traits – Stubborn (not always a bad thing).
In a nutshell – Lucky girl.

Dr. Cody Havero appeared in: