Dr. Tachyon
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Dr. Tachyon (Prince Tisianne brant Ts’ara sek Halima sek Ragnar sek Omian of House Ilkazam)

Created by: Melinda Snodgrass

As a Takisian Lord, Doctor Tachyon has several superhuman attributes. He is a powerful telepath, capable of reading and sending thoughts. He is very skilled at penetrating mind shields, and it’s very difficult to keep Tachyon out of your mind if he wants in. Doctor Tachyon also has a powerful mind control ability; with effort, he can control three or four persons simultaneously. He is also capable of a direct mind-to-mind attack, causing pain or forcing his victims to sleep. Tachyon is also able to make a person forget recent events. His telepathic range has never been definitely established, but it’s apparently at least a few miles.

Tachyon also has a powerful mind shield, making him nigh-immune to telepathic attacks. However, his shield can be surpassed if his concentration is broken by pain or stress. Tachyon is capable of using a special shielding technique known as the Deathlock, where “all he is” resists mental intrusion. The Deathlock can only be broken by completely destroying Tachyon’s mind.

Finally, Tachyon is gifted with precognition. However this power is weak and very erratic. Once in a long while Tachyon experiences vaguely premonitory dreams. He dreamed of assassins the night before JFK’s assassination, for instance. This precognition sometimes also manifests as a vague feeling of foreboding, such as when Blythe appeared before HUAC.

Possibly as a side effect of his telepathic powers, Tachyon has a extremely good memory. It’s been remarked more than once that he lives in the past as much as in the present.

Besides his arsenal of mentat abilities, Tachyon has a vastly expanded lifespan. Takisian lords can live for two thousand years or more. Being born in 1900, Tachyon was still considered very young by Takisian standards in the 1980s. A few stories have also remarked that Takisians possess rapid-firing neurons, giving them a somewhat quicker reaction time than humans. Though Tachyon has never exhibited superhuman quickness, he is certainly agile and dextrous.

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