Father Henry Obst
“I have never in my life had anyone boo a homily. It's rude, sir. It's just plain rude.”
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Father Henry Obst (Henry Obst)

Created by: Daniel Abraham

When you’ve got a Deuce power that enables you to turn water into wine, it must be hard not to let it go to your head. So it’s probably not too surprising to learn that Father Henry is a recovering alcoholic who first went on the sauce at the tender age of thirteen. Filling in for Jokertown’s Father Squid for a couple of weeks during his sojourn across the globe courtesy of the WHO, Father Henry is unsure which prospect is scarier – the possibilty of being lynched by his adopted parish, or staring down James Spector.

Positive attributes – Non-judgmental, altruistic, strong-willed, fearless, pragmatic.
Negative character traits – None worth mentioning.
In a nutshell – Substitute preacher.

Father Henry Obst appeared in: