Father Squid
“I would endeavor to assist you, if I only knew what you needed.”
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Father Squid

Created by: John Jos. Miller

Much respected and beloved pastor of the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Misery, Father Squid is a broadly-built Joker with grey skin, long attenuated fingers and palms covered in vestigial suckers, nictating membranes over protruding eyes and a bunch of short tentacles where his nose should be. He also smells of the sea in such a way that everyone he meets is reminded of childhood trips to the beach.

Although he doesn’t advertise the fact, he’s not a stranger to violence – he possesses enhanced strength and fought as a sergeant in the Joker Brigade in Vietnam (and possibly worked alongside the Black Dog for awhile). He must have been a bad boy though, because he’s been trying to make up for it ever since.

Positive attributes: Gentle nature, non-judgmental, altruistic, soft spoken, strong-willed.
Negative character traits: Secretive about his past.

Father Squid appeared in: