“I'm not out for justice, if that's what you're thinking.”
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Created by: Lewis Shiner

Arguably the most powerful man on Earth, Fortunato is a tall, thin, charismatic, handsome, half-black, half-Japanese Ace and tantric magician with awesome mental abilities. Among them, telepathy, mind control, mind shields, astral projection, the ability to stop time, and levitation. Briefly involved himself with political causes in the late sixties with limited success, and now just concentrates on taking care of those close to him.

For his day job, he runs a high-class call girl, or ‘geisha’, service. Which is convenient, since the method he uses to recharge his powers is tantric sex and the forced retention of, er, certain bodily fluids, resulting in a bulging forehead when his battteries are fully charged. Jeez, what a life.

Positive attributes – Arch-enemy of the Astronomer, will generally do the right thing if pushed, loyal to his friends (and regular customers).
Negative character traits – Self-centred, impulsive, thinks with his dick.
In a nutshell – Big head.

Fortunato appeared in: