“Pretty speeches don't mean shit.”
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Gimli (Tom Miller)

Created by: Stephen Leigh

Gimli is a red haired, charismatic, barrel-chested dwarf Joker, and proud of it. A founder member of the JJS (Jokers for a Just Society), he’s decided non-violent protest is not in keeping with his personality and lacks the necessary melodrama. And besides, kidnapping, murder and terrorism are just so much more satisfying, aren’t they?

Not the most popular man in the world, but he does get a lot of support from those fellow Jokers who also believe that the ends justify the means. And don’t call him Miller – he’s usually in a bad mood anyway and you’ll only make things worse.

Positive attributes: Genuinely compassionate towards all Jokers, nemesis of Puppetman.
Negative character traits: Megolamaniac, hates all nats and Aces, constantly bad tempered, unreasonable, extremely short fuse, paranoid.

Gimli appeared in: