Hardhat (II)
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Hardhat (II) (Todd "T.T." Taszycki)

Created by: Christopher Rowe

Hardhat was an ace who auditioned for, and was accepted into, the American Hero television series. Initially assigned to Team Hearts, he proved to be one of the stronger assets for the team and made it through the first few rounds, but was the third Heart voted off.

After joining the “Discard Pile,” Hardhat sided with seven other contestants in leaving the show to go to Egypt and attempt do something about the joker genocide happening there. He and the others quickly joined John Fortune’s alliance with the Living Gods, and T.T.’s power proved to be a valuable asset in defending Sehel Island from the Caliphate force. Unfortunately for T.T., a dam ruptured upstream and the surging Nile swamped the island, claiming his life before he could evacuate.

Hardhat can create energy “I-beam” constructs. He can use his constructs to build various objects such as: ladders, walls, support structures, and bridges. T.T is able to manipulate the mass of his constructs making them weigh as little as a pound or over 1200lbs.

Hardhat (II) appeared in: