Herne the Huntsman
“Alla soodden sommting cum a'smashin' inna oos and yonder bridge was toomblin'.”
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Herne the Huntsman

Created by: Kevin Andrew Murphy

A member of the Twisted Fists terrorist organisation, Herne may be on the side of the Jokers, but that doesn’t alter the fact that he’s one of the more powerful Aces around. Eight feet tall (ten with the antlers) with enhanced strength, satyrlike legs, a red mane halfway down his back and a massive golden horn slung around his neck, Herne is able to alter the very shape of reality around him whenever he calls up the ‘Hunt’.

Once he blows his little big horn, he’s able to not only call up dramatic weather conditions, but large black stallions and scary Gabriel Hounds with glowing green eyes materialise out of thin air, and an insane blood lust is induced in everyone in the vicinity, while those in the hunt’s path find themselves dragged along with the unthinking mob. Sort of like your average presidential election campaign.

Positive attributes – None.
Negative character traits – Amazing English/Welsh/Scottish/Jamaican hybrid accent that has to be heard to be believed, psychopathic tendencies, terrorist.
In a nutshell – Wild horses.

Herne the Huntsman appeared in: