Hiram Worchester
“Heroism is a ludicrous career choice... Food is what I'm best at.”
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Hiram Worchester

Created by: George R.R. Martin

You can’t miss Hiram, the owner and proprietor of New York’s most famous and most exclusive restaurant, Aces High. He’s the well-spoken, well-groomed and well-dressed bald man with the neatly trimmed goatee beard who looks like he weighs in at around 375 lbs.

Be not deceived, however. He’s also an Ace with the ability to control gravity and can temporarily increase or decrease the weight of anything or anyone in his vicinity merely by concentrating and squeezing his fist.

Briefly a masked vigilante known as the Fatman until he realised that there weren’t many other 375 lb men around, Hiram gave it up and instead focussed his efforts towards the culinary, eventually setting up an Aces-only restaurant on the top floor of the Empire State Building. The power’s always there, though. He continually uses it on himself to keep his weight down to a sprightly 30 lbs, and occasionally on those who displease him. Make sure you tip generously.

Positive attributes: Honourable, jovial, loves life, charitable towards Jokers.
Negative character traits: Weak-willed, snob, glutton, impressed by celebrity.

Hiram Worchester appeared in: