John Fortune
“My card turned and now I'm an ace, just like you and my father.”
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John Fortune (John Fortune)

Created by: Gail Gerstner Miller

With Fortunato and Peregrine as his biological parents, John Fortune could hardly be blamed for growing up with a slight inferiority complex. Although the fact that he’s an Ace means that he’s got a head start, at least. Possessing strong healing powers, he’s able to instinctively tell what’s wrong with a person, concentrate on the wound and make it all better in an instant. He’s also easy to spot, just look for the golden glow that hovers over his exposed skin like a halo.

Although he seems a fairly well-adjusted young man, it’s entirely possible that Peregrine’s obsessive mania for sheltering her son from the world for most of his life will backfire at some point in the future. Let’s face it, hiring a private detective agency to babysit your child for the first sixteen years of his life is not the kind of behaviour one expects from a parent. But then, she is a celebrity – he should probably just be grateful he wasn’t named ‘Moon Unit’.

Positive attributes – Outgoing, positive.
Negative character traits – Immature, naive (hey, he’s just a kid, after all).
In a nutshell – Faith healer.

John Fortune appeared in: