Jube the Walrus
“Goo-goo-goo-Jube. I am the Walrus. Pleased to meetcha.”
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Jube the Walrus (Jhubben)

Created by: George R.R. Martin

This colourful, genial and well-liked fixture of Jokertown is short, fat, with blue-black, rubbery skin, and two curving tusks extrudng from the corners of his mouth. Can often be seen in his customary loud Hawaiian shirts hawking papers at his newstand, exchanging gossip and regaling the unwary with terrible jokes.

He’s got a few secrets of his own, though – he’s independently wealthy with more precious stones in his apartment than Tiffany’s, his real name’s Jhubben, and he comes from another planet. Jube is an xenologist assigned to keep a watch on Earth and study its inhabitants for his intergalactic empoyers, The Network, with whom he has a lifelong contract. Now that’s news.

Positive qualities – Sunny disposition, outgoing, knows everyone.
Negative character traits – Secretive about himself, born gossipmonger, possesses unending supply of bad jokes.
In a nutshell – The Joker.

Jube the Walrus appeared in: