Kid Dinosaur
“You boring old farts think you know everything.”
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Kid Dinosaur (Arnie Fentner)

Created by: Lewis Shiner

Arnie’s a shapeshifting Ace in his early teens who undoubtedly thought up the name himself. He’s got the requisite attitude, acne problems and overconfidence one expects from youth, and can metamorphose into any dinosaur he chooses in addition to adopting their natural abilities. Unfortunately, his mass stays the same so the picture on the left is fairly close to his actual size.

In addition, he also possesses the super-special power of being able to annoy the hell out of every adult he comes into contact with. The definitive Ace ‘wannabee’, Arnie is generally tolerated by his Wild Card peers despite stalking them incessantly and generally getting underfoot. And although his clothes get ripped to shreds every time he changes, he’s yet to figure out that carrying an extra set might be to his advantage. New York’s cold in the winter time.

Positive attributes: Means well.
Negative character traits: Immature, impulsive, annoying.

Kid Dinosaur appeared in: