Lady Black
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Lady Black (Joann Jefferson)

Created by: John Jos. Miller

Joann Jefferson (better known as Lady Black) is an ace operative of the US Justice Department.

Joann Jefferson’s childhood had been normal until the age of 12 when her wild card surfaced and she accidentally killed her mother. Her understanding father took her for treatment and by the age of 18 she had gained some measure of control. She made a cloak to help her further in controlling her ability and performed a few minor deeds as an ace. The Justice Department offered her a job in congressional security and she has worked for them ever since.

Lady Black is an energy vampire. She can store and release electrical energy, although she has very little control over how the energy is collected. The touch of her skin is enough to trigger a transfer of bioelectricity, which if sustained can kill a person. With a sufficient charge she can then re-emit that energy as flashes of light, or even destructive lightning discharges.

Lady Black appeared in: