“Funny how the things we value change, isn't it, my dear?”
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Lamia (Joan van Renssaeler)

Created by: Laura J. Mixon

Though it took her a while to realise it, being turned into a Joker was probably the best thing that ever happened to Joan. It certainly made her more human. In her old life, the ex-wife of Brandon van Renssaeler (and mother of Clara) was the spoilt, bad-tempered, green-eyed blond society girl who had it all – money, fame, social connections, good looks and a permanent pout. Next thing she knew, the Wild Card had transformed her into something that matched her predatory nature.

A regular volunteer at the Jokertown Clinic where she makes amends for her past selfishness, Lamia is still fairly human-shaped above the waist, while everything below is purely serpentine. She’s now an 18-foot long human/Cobra hybrid whose body is completely covered in translucent scales which change colour to match her surroundings, with a fleshy hood on either side of her neck, vertical irises and a long, forked tongue. She also possesses heightened senses, the ability to inject venom through her teeth, and a craving for raw animal flesh. If she seems a little testy in the mornings, she’s probably still digesting the dog she ate for breakfast.

Positive attributes – Caring, well-adjusted, upbeat, sense of humour.
Negative character traits – None to speak of.
In a nutshell – Snake charmer.

Lamia appeared in: