Lazy Dragon
“So you want me to clean up your mess.”
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Lazy Dragon (Ben Choy)

Created by: William F. Wu

Ben had some big boots to fill when he decided to name himself after a famous character from traditional Chinese literature. The original Lazy Dragon was an unassailable thief with a deep sense of loyalty and a sharp sense of humour. All that’s missing from the new incarnation is the sense of humour. A Chinese-American Ace of average height and slender, athletic build, Ben got his rep off to a good start when he joined the Shadow Fists – an organisation who well knew how to put his astral projection talents to bad use.

He can project his consciousness into, and animate, any animal figurine he’s made from his own hands, whether it be carved from soap or folded from paper. Not only that, but as soon as he enters the figure it enlarges to full size and possesses the same strengths, weaknesses and agility as its real life counterpart. While he’s out his real body lies helpless, and if his creation is killed his consciousness returns to his body instantaneously. Half the time, though, Ben doesn’t know who he is – and with good reason. He also shares his mind and body with his more responsible sister, Vivian (AKA Tienyu) who, during extreme stress, becomes the dominant personality and takes centre stage for a while, transforming their body into a more suitable female form in the process. Life certainly isn’t dull in the Choy household.

Positive attributes – Loyal, keeps his word.
Negative character traits – Misogynist, racist, ruthless.
In a nutshell – Paperweight.

Lazy Dragon appeared in: