“What's the point of being two people if both of them are stuck in Miss Rooney's class reciting the multiplication tables?”
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Legion (Danny Shepherd)

Created by: George R.R. Martin

Since there aren’t nearly enough pretty young blondes in the world already, it’s a good thing Danny Shepherd exists – an Ace with the ability to produce a whole lot more. As long as she’s got a couple of months to spare, she can induce her body to split into two at will, thus creating a new, fully-grown version of herself with a telepathic link to her other selves, with each body then capable of repeating the process if so desired. She’s also able to subtly alter the features of her new self to accommodate how she wants to look. Smaller nose? Bigger breasts? No problem, whatever Danny wants, Danny gets. As she succinctly puts it, ‘There’s one of me in a bunch of different bodies.’ Keep ’em coming.

Positive attributes: Honest, strong-willed, sense of humour, perky.
Negative character traits: Impulsive.

Legion appeared in: