Mackie Messer
“I'm special.”
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Mackie Messer

Created by: Victor Milán

With his unhealthy pallour, mad eyes and dirty clothes, Messer is a German hunchback Ace who you’d cross the street to avoid. This could be the smartest move you’d ever make, as he’s a nasty little psycho with a huge grudge against humanity in general. He’s also a closet homosexual so they’re at the top of the list, closely followed by women, Jews, Jokers, and the homeless. Then everyone else.

Thanks to the Wild Card, he’s able to alter the molecules of his body to such an extent that he can turn insubstantial at will, as well as rapidly vibrate his hands into buzzsaws capable of cutting through just about anything. Flesh and bone are his favourites. Never the brightest bulb in the pack, he’d like people to call him Mack the Knife but never leaves anyone alive long enough to spread the word.

Positive attributes: No redeeming qualities.
Negative character traits: Psychopath, sadist, dim-witted, mentally unstable.

Mackie Messer appeared in: