Michael Stevens
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Michael Stevens (Michael Stevens)

Created by: Mary Anne Mohanraj

Michael Stevens is a police detective working out of the Jokertown precinct known as “Fort Freak”. He is a nat, and partnered Detective Leo Storgman.

Michael Stevens once worked vice, where he came into contact with Minal who was working as a prostitute. They began a relationship and Stevens helped her out in several run ins with the law. He later had a one night stand with Kavitha, resulting in her becoming pregnant. He accepted the responsibility of that night and moved in with her, and the pair soon fell in love.

Raising their daughter Isai together was no easy task as the girl drew an ace and gained the power to transform partially into the shape of a giant bird. When Isai was still a toddler, Minal came walking back into his life, and the domestic arrangement became even more complex as Minal’s natural sexual intensity caused Havitha, Minal, and Michael to forge a three-way relationship.

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