Midnight Angel
“I am the Midnight Angel. Named after the hour of my Lord's passion in the Garden of Getheseme.”
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Midnight Angel

Created by: John Jos. Miller

Tall, attractive and athletic, the Angel is a devout young Ace blessed with enhanced strength and the ability to call forth the Sword of God out of the sky whenever she needs to smite the wicked. Or at least that’s how she sees it. Nevertheless, she says the word and all of a sudden, she’s wielding a sword the size of a small man with a fiery blade capable of cutting through diamond. She relaxes her grip and it’s like it was never there. Apart from all the property damage, that is.

It’s not all peaches and cream, however. She’s got a metabolism that burns calories at an alarming rate and leaves her in an almost constant state of hunger. She’s also pissed off that people don’t take her as seriously as they might, though a tendency to wear tight, form-fitting, black leather jumpsuits might have something to do with that.

Positive attributes – Trustworthy, honest, magnanimous, brave.
Negative character traits – Fanatically religious, close-minded, gullible, naive.
In a nutshell – Touched by the Hand of God.

Midnight Angel appeared in: