“I'm not puritanical. I'm only... careful.”
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Mistral (Helene Carlysle)

Created by: Steve Perrin

Helen Carlysle – or Ms. Carlysle as she prefers to be addressed – is an attractive Ace with identical powers to those of her father, Cyclone. Ie. the ability to call up and manipulate the wind in whatever manner she chooses. Besides using the air currents to fly, she can focus her powers to create small, violent whirlwinds with minimal damage to the surroundings, as well as construct wind shields that can deflect most attacks.

Like father, like daughter, she’s carried on the family tradition in more ways than one. She loves the limelight, she’s used to getting her own way, she’s a government stooge, she has daddy’s fashion sense and his love for camera-friendly, brightly coloured bodysuits – hers is blue and silver – and she gets on your nerves in an amazingly short space of time. Her specialty is giving people haughty looks.

Positive attributes – Honest, strong-willed.
Negative character traits – Sanctimonious, supercilious, spoilt, naive, arrogant.
In a nutshell – Up in the air.

Mistral appeared in: