Modular Man
“I am beginning to realise that my creator is a hopeless sociopath.”
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Modular Man (Modular Man)

Created by: Walter Jon Williams

Although considered an Ace by many, Modular Man is actually a synthetic android with easily replaceable parts – or modules – that provide him with a vast range of powers. You name it, he can do it. Insubstantiality? Check. Flight capability? Check. Force field? Check. Super strength? Check. Enhanced hearing and vision? Check. Coffee making facilities? Check. In addition, weapons modules can also be attached to various parts of his body whenever circumstances demand it.

Initially created as a prototype in the hope that the military would like what they saw and commission a whole lot more, Mod Man is now a one-of-a-kind sentient being with human emotions coming to terms with the fact that he’s not like other men. He’s a whole lot better looking for a start. His creator, Dr Travnicek, based his looks on those of a male model, but for some reason left the top of his head transparent – which kind of gives the game away. Doesn’t stop him from getting laid regularly, though.

Positive attributes – Wants to try everything, highly knowledgable, quick learner, more human than his creator, capable of advanced existential reasoning.
Negative character traits – Other than total loyalty to his unbalanced creator, negative traits have not been integrated into his personality.
In a nutshell – Magnificent flying machine.

Modular Man appeared in: