Mr. Nobody
“Mind if I change first?”
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Mr. Nobody (Jeremiah Strauss)

Created by: Walton (Bud) Simons

Not too many people know what Jerry Strauss really looks like. Even he has trouble remembering. Originally a plain-looking, red-haired guy, Jerry has since made full use of his talents as a shapeshifting Ace capable of completely altering his appearance at will. Man, woman or monster – whatever he can envisage, he can become. And the fact that he’s a fanatical movie buff with a vivid imagination means there’s no shortage of source material. Trouble is, he’s been other people for so long he doesn’t see the point in being himself again – especially as he was never all that happy in the role anyway.

Jerry probably thought he’d found the perfect vehicle for his talents when he Initially took the stage as a nightclub impressionist under the name, The Projectionist. Unfortunately, while he certainly looked the part(s), his material was crap and his delivery was even worse. He subsequently lost the plot for awhile, but has since found his niche in the private detective racket, where he gets to fulfill all his Bogart fantasies by playing straight man to Jay Ackroyd and treating every case as a potential Big Sleep. Hey, why let reality get in the way of a good time?

Positive attributes – Resourceful, earnest, quick thinker, courageous.
Negative character traits – Impulsive, immature, insecure, stubborn, lacks common sense, treats life as a movie.
In a nutshell – Anonymous.

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