“(Flying's) the second best feeling there is, and afterward you never have to change the sheets.”
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Peregrine (Amare Sweet)

Created by: Gail Gerstner Miller

The world’s most famous Wildcarder and presenter of the long-running TV talk show, ‘Peregrine’s Perch’, is a tall, stunningly attractive woman with large, beautifully feathered wings. She also weighs half as much as you might think, due to hollow bones and a tendency to wear as little as possible, whenever possible. And she can fly.

To her credit, she actually considers herself to be a Joker rather than an Ace, although the rest of the planet disagrees with her on this one. How many Jokers look that good and are capable of flight? And despite being involved in several public melees over the years, she isn’t actually much help in a crisis – but, hey, it looks good on TV, right?

Positive attributes – Genuinely decent person behind the superficial facade, strong-willed.
Negative character traits – Shallow, impulsive.
In a nutshell – Superstar.

Peregrine appeared in: