“Nobody likes me. That's why I had to get married.”
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Popinjay (Jay Ackroyd)

Created by: George R.R. Martin

A brown-haired, nondescript man in a well-worn suit you wouldn’t give a second glance to if you passed in the street. And that’s exactly how he wants it. Jay also has an edge over his private-eye contemporaries in that he’s a projecting teleport. All he has to do is point his finger at you, think of a place he knows, and ‘pop’, you’re there already. The name makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Although he’s one of the good guys, sooner or later he rubs everyone the wrong way. Ten minutes of his attitude and/or wisecracks and you’re ready to ‘pop’ him one. Try and resist the temptation, though. He’s fairly free and easy with his ability and before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a small cell with a large man called Bubba giving you the fish eye.

Positive attributes – Honourable, trustworthy, discreet, honest, generally does the right thing.
Negative character traits – Sanctimonious, moralistic, hypocritical, abrasive personality, generally says the wrong thing.
In a nutshell – Wiseass.

Popinjay appeared in: