“I remember you, but I've forgotten where I am.”
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Created by: Arthur Byron Cover

He’s a hunchback and he works in a church. Can you guess how he got his name? Quasi is a multi-powered Joker who can remember little of his past other than that he was some kind of explosives expert for the bomb squad. Post-Wild Card, he can self-teleport, see segments of the future, and possesses enhanced strength.

So what’s the downside? Well, aside from a lame left leg, parts of his body and/or brain phase out of our dimension at random intervals leaving him a drooling idiot for unspecified amounts of time. Although quite intelligent, he can barely hold on to a thought for longer than 30 seconds. And he’ll forget who you are while you’re talking to him.

Positive qualities – Gentle soul, devoted to Father Squid.
Negative character traits – Forgetful, unreliable, vague, drools a lot.
In a nutshell – Not all there.

Quasiman appeared in: