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Rustbelt (Wally Gunderson)

Created by: Ian Tregillis

Rustbelt is a joker who has a thick layer of iron for skin, which makes him incredibly durable, strong and bulletproof. With concentration, Rustbelt’s touch can oxidize the iron in any metal and turn it to rust.

Rusty’s durability depends on the condition of his iron skin. If his skin is rust free, Wally is able to take multiple hits from a tank. If allowed to rust, Wally begins to become vulnerable to bullets depending on the level of rust.

Magnets seem to effect Wally negatively and scramble his brain. After an encounter with a magnetic crane at a junkyard, he becomes disoriented and briefly becomes magnetized to the point of damaging computers and pulling smaller metallic objects towards him.

Rustbelt appeared in: