Sewer Jack
“I remember running into a bunch of crazies with guns, and then things get fuzzy.”
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Sewer Jack (Jack Robicheaux)

Created by: Edward Bryant

A small, brown-haired, reclusive Cajun who lives and works in the subway tunnels as an NYC Transit Authority employee, Jack’s also an Ace with limited shape-shifting abilities. During particularly stressful moments he can turn into an nine-foot alligator. A were-alligator, if you will.

During these times his human consciousness takes a break while the reptilian part of his brain comes to the forefront, and he’s generally unaware of anything that’s happened once he changes back to human form. Then again, he probably doesn’t want to know.

Positive qualities – Gentle nature (when he’s Jack).

Negative character traits – Bad tempered & violent (when in alligator form).

In a nutshell – Primordial.

Sewer Jack appeared in: