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Stopwatch (Franciszek Majewski)

Created by: David D. Levine

Frank Majewski has the ability to stop time, as he sees it. He is able to remove himself from the progress of time for eleven minutes at a stretch. While he is in this state he perceives the world around him as frozen in a single moment, but is able to move around himself. Movement is difficult and taxing when he slips out of time, with doors feeling like lead and air thick and difficult to push through. He can carry additional mass with him up to a single man-sized ‘passenger’ and the person likewise experiences the dream-like sensations.

The price of stopping time is that Majewski ages significantly while he is temporally displaced. His brief uses of his ace already had him looking like a man of 60 when he was only 51, and he had visibly aged by several years after his mission to rescue Powers where he had stopped time to his fullest limits several times.

Stopwatch appeared in: