The Candle
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The Candle

Created by: Laura J. Mixon

John is able to manifest multicolored flame: yellow, red, blue, green, purple, and black. Each color has its own different abilities.

  • Yellow: The yellow flame is the closet to real fire. It can’t get hot enough to melt metal, but will set fire to cloth, paper, and wood.

  • Red: The red flame is used to create strong and flexible constructs such as nets, ladders, or cages.

  • Blue: The blue flame has a freezing effect. It strikes like liquid nitrogen.

  • Green: The green flame is used for healing. It can mend bones, lessen pain, and close wounds.

  • Purple: The purple flame has psychedelic effects. It causes intense hallucinations and synesthesia.

  • Black: The black flame is paralytic. It can knock someone unconscious and it might be able kill someone with a weak heart.

The Candle appeared in: