The Envoy
“Is it my fault that everyone likes me, and no one likes you?”
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The Envoy (David Harstein)

Created by: George R.R. Martin

Always the most popular man in the room, David was a dark-haired, slender, handsome member of the legendary Four Aces back in the ‘forties, with the ability to continually exude powerful pheromones that made anyone in his vicinity highly suggestible to his wishes. But only for as long as he was in their physical presence. Still, great for getting treaties signed, persuading dictators to denounce themselves, and beating people at chess.

Just a shame that his country screwed him over after Golden Boy ratted him out during the HUAC witch-hunts. After serving a three-year term in prison – where he undoubtedly ruled – Harstein apparently disappeared off the face of the earth once he was released, rather than be forced to work for the government that put him there in the first place. Nice long-term planning there by The Man.

Positive attributes: Empathetic, gentle nature, honest, honourable, anti-establishment.
Negative character traits: Practical joker.

The Envoy appeared in: