The Highwayman
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The Highwayman (John Bruckner)

Created by: George R.R. Martin

John Bruckner joined the Order of the Silver Helix, using his power to warp himself and his truck through his extradimensional Short Cut in the service of the Crown. He noticed at one point that the hostile denizens of the Short Cut had become increasingly aggressive. During a mission to rescue John Fortune, his truck came under heavy assault from the plant creatures living in the Short Cut, and it took supreme effort from his other passengers, Carnifex and the Midnight Angel, to fight them off. It transpired that Ti Malice had been trapped in the Short Cut for some time, and had twisted them into a fighting force in order to escape back Earth.

Bruckner was later called upon to transport Drake Thomas into the path of a PPA army division. The result explosion wiped out the soldiers, and once Bruckner’s involvement was revealed he found himself facing criminal charges.

The Highwayman appeared in: